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3 Cool New Products From The Hershey RV Show

The 2022 Hershey RV Show proved that the RV industry is back in full force. RV dealers, vendors, manufactures, and RVers.

In this article we will introduce the 3 coolest new products we found at the Hershey RV Show 2022. The show was jam packed with new cool products and services and of course RV’s to purchase. It wasn’t easy picking just 3 cool products.

We really love these products and they are in no particular order.

Take a look at these Amazing Products in The Video Below

The AirSkirt Inflatable Cooler Introduced At The Hershey RV Show

The first product is really cool, pun intended. The AirSkirt inflatable cooler was introduced on Saturday during the Hershey RV Show. 

A cooler that will keep ice cold for days. So, what’s cool about that? The whole cooler is inflatable, when you’re finished using it take the air out, collapse the cooler and store it in the carrying bag. 

The AirSkirts flagship product AirSkirts, these are revolutionary RV Skirts, like the cooler they inflate to fit around your RV. We had the privilege of meeting Jim Phelan the Founder and Melanie Newell the Operations Director. We were as impressed with them as we were with the product. They are 2 amazing people committed to making your RV LIFE better. 

Hershey RV Show

Keeping you warmer in the winter months with AirSkirts and your drinks cooler with the Inflatable Cooler. Jim gave us a 25% off discount code to share with our community use code: EXPLORING. Click Here to check them out.

Hershey RV Show​

EZ Read Tire Caps From The Hershey RV Show​

The next item is not only cool but keeps you safe. 

A tire monitor called EZ Read Tire Caps, visually alerts you when tire pressure is low. EZ Read Tire Pressure is worth the price and piece of mind. They cost less than $30. Now, no more bending to check tire pressure. 

We stopped at the EZ Read Tire Caps booth and spoke with Kelly. It didn’t take long for us to realize how EZ and convenient this product is. We put them on the 6 tires of our RV in just a few minutes and never have to bend down to check tire pressure again. Click Here to check them out.

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Terra Sheet Ground Covering Introduced At The Hershey RV Show​

Our final choice for the coolest product, keeps your outside living area looking great.

Terra Sheet Ground Covering. No, it’s not just a carpet. It is a knitted mesh woven fabric, Because of the way it is constructed, sand, dirt, and water flow through. It is easy to clean and folders up to store in a compact space. The best part is it doesn’t get moldy and smelly. They come in 4 sizes, we chose the X-large and love it.

We have been living full time in our RV for over 18 months and have had 2 different outdoor carpets. There have been many time we have to run out because it’s going to rain to put the carpet away. After a few times of the carpet getting wet we had to throw it away because it smelled.Click Here to check them out.


Hershey RV Show​

We LOVE These Cool Products! From The Hershey RV Show

The 2022 Hershey RV Show in Hershey, PA had many vendors and thousands of products. The AirSkirts inflatable cooler, EZ Read Tire Monitor, and Terra Sheet Ground Sheet are our to the top coolest products. 

If you are planning on attending an RV show in the future check out our video on Pro Tips. Or come visit Us at Exploring Through Our Lens, or stop by our website.

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