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Life Is Short...Live It NOW!

"Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none." Albert Einstein.

The events of the last few years have changed everything for all of us. Interaction, Exploration and Experiences are vital to our growth and happiness. Exploring Through Our Lens is designed to help the viewer Experience places and events that they may not be able to experience themselves. 

Our Mission:

Inspire others to live their lives, by experiencing our journey as seen through the lens of our camera. 

We Started A Podcast!

New RV LIFE Podcast In Top 10% of All Podcast In First Week!

RV LIFE Podcast quickly becoming a popular destination for those interested in learning about the RVing lifestyle

[Dallas, December, 9, 2022]—[RV LIFE, a leader in the RV digital media space, announced today the newly launched RV LIFE Podcast, with hosts Dan & Patti Hunt, earned a spot in the Top 10% of all podcasts with over 1000 downloads in the first week.

The RV LIFE Podcast is quickly making a name for itself. Geared towards the increasingly popular RV lifestyle, the 1-hour podcast features a broad scope of all things related to the RVing, including interviews, RVing tips, and entertaining facts.

The first episode dropped in December and quickly received 1000 downloads putting it in the top 10% of all podcast in its first week. The new weekly podcast is hosted by the veteran RVers Dan & Patti Hunt, of the YouTube Channel Exploring Through Our Lens. Dan and Patti have been RVing for over 2 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with listeners. The RV LIFE Podcast is the perfect resource for anyone considering or already living the RV lifestyle. Dan and Patti explore everything from full-time RVing to weekend getaways, and cover topics like budgeting, boondocking, maintenance, and more.]

“Having been a teacher for 20 years I love that the podcast platform gives us the opportunity to educate and entertain the RV Community” Patti Hunt Co-Host of the podcast.

“The show is fun and entertaining, The Hunts have exceeded our expectations and are real pros. I can’t wait for the next episode to come out.” Patrick Buchanan, Director Of Partnerships, RV LIFE

The podcast kicked off in December and quickly received 1000 downloads, putting it in the top 10% of all podcasts in its first week. The RV LIFE Podcast is committed to Educate, Entertain, and Explore the RV lifestyle

and all that it entails. New episodes are released every Wednesday morning and can be found on all major podcast platforms.

The Hunts live full time on the road, exploring new adventures throughout the US. They will be in the Philadelphia ares from 12/17/22 through 12/26/22, The Washington DC area from 12/28/22 through 1/02/23, and The Tampa are from 1/4/23 through 1/22/23. The Hunts will be recording the RV LIFE Podcast live each day at the Florida RV Super Show.

For Interview Requests, Please contact Patrick Buchanan at

Explore With US...

“Exploring Through Our Lens” an RV Adventure has been a dream of Dan’s for years and now the timing just seems right. 2020 has changed the world for all of us, and this project will show people that there is more to life than Social Media and Zoom calls. 
 America has so much to offer, from the beauty of our state and national parks to the diverse cities and regions of the country. There are so many festivals and interesting events and the stories of the people that make America the greatest country in the world. “Exploring Through Our Lens” an RV Adventure will not only tell the stories but give the viewer the experience of everything and everyone we encounter on our travels. With the power of positive messaging, the backdrop of America, and the people “Exploring Through Our Lens” an RV Adventure will inspire others to take that camping trip, go to the beach or any other adventure they have dreamed of.

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They are that couple that does everything together; shopping, cleaning, working, enjoying life and everything in-between. Working together can be challenging at times but if you have ever seen them on stage or in a video you would see the magic they create.