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Go Glamping: 6 Ways Get Your Glam On

Glamping means Camping in Style and Comfort

Get You Camping Glamp On! Glamping rocks!

Glam. Glamour. Glamping. Camping. 

For those of us who love to camp, there is a growing number of us who really prefer to glamp. Glamping is the new camping. And why not? Being in nature and having a little luxury is definitely the way to go. While camping in general does require flexibility, it is also nice to have some of the creature comforts at home to make relaxing in nature all the more enjoyable.

If you’re going to be an official glamper, it’s a must to have an outdoor tablecloth that is stylish. The table is the heart center of any campsite and that means it must be clean and good looking.  It’s the place where everyone gathers to cook, eat and socialize.  We love, love the LITO outdoor tablecloth – it’s high quality, incredibly durable and it even comes with straps to secure your tablecloth on windy days. It’s also designed to fit all standard eight foot tables you find a most campsites. 

A good glamper always has drinkware that not only matches the decor, but is multi-purpose.  We love these wine tumblers because they are sleek, comfortable to hold, and are great for hot and cold drinks. The leak-proof top is a necessity for any RVer hitting the road while enjoying their favorite beverage.  

The final touch to a glamper’s camping table is lighting. Hanging string fairy lights around your campsite and solar lanterns on the table creates a magical environment.  Creating ambiance elevates your campsite into something really special, which is exactly what camping should be.

No glamper goes anywhere without his or her favorite outdoor rug.  Outdoor camping rugs keep the dirt out of your RV and they add a touch of class to your entryway.  Parked in a muddy spot? Not to worry, an outdoor rug will keep the mud at bay.   We like the rugs made out of recycled material  that are lightweight, waterproof (you can hose them off) and come with a storage bag.

#5 Every glamper needs good camping chairs

Lastly, every glamper needs good camping chairs that match all of your fancy camping items. Sitting around the fire and gazing at the stars is one of the most enjoyable parts of camping.  So why not be comfy and cozy while you’re doing it?

#6 If you're a glamper with a pet, you gotta have a light up leash and collar.

If you’re traveling with your furry best friend, you can’t leave home without a camping light up long leash ! It’s essential. You not only get to keep your dog safe at night, but you’re safe too because you won’t trip over a leash that you can see in the dark.


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