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Beauty At Every Turn! The PCH in Oregon

Let Us Take You On Our Journey Up The Pacific Coast Highway The PCH

Imagine you are riding in our 40 ft RV sitting high up in the captains chair. The huge window allows you to see far and wide. We are driving North and the road is one lane in each direction. The PCH is a winding road with sharp turns that reach elevations of over 4000 feet, then back to sea level in the span of a few miles. When you are high up on the hill the views are spectacular, at ocean level the waves are crashing on the massive rocks that protrude from the ocean is an amazing sight. 

Florence, Oregon On The PCH

Our first stop along the PCH Oregon Coast is a historical small town with so much charm you feel like you are in a story book.

We park our RV at South Jetty RV and Camping Resort, a Thousand Trails Park (but you don’t need to be a member). We have been driving for several hours and of course “we’re hungry” cry from our stomachs as we head into the town of Florence, we cross the historic drawbridge called Siuslaw River Bridge. It was built in 1936 with ornate architecture.

Oregon drawbridge

We pull up to 1285 Restobar Restaurant, sit by the window and look out as people walk by, we order claim chowder and parmesan crusted crab cakes. Our food arrives and our mouths are watering. The food is as good as it looks and smells. 

With our bellies full it’s time to explore. We stop in the Welcome Center, to get some inside information so we don’t miss anything. The woman is extremely helpful pointing out things to do and see, including the lighthouses along the coast.

Florence is an “artsy” town with a lot of local art work displayed throughout. Walking around the town, stopping in shops along the way, there is a small, well manicured park where we sit on the bench watching the river and admiring the bridge.


Next, we find the “boardwalk” (nothing like the boardwalks on the east coast) but there are events held during the spring and summer. Standing on the pier we see a little hut called Novelli’s Crab and Seafood restaurant. We know we have to check it out.  We sit on the dock and eat our crab chowder and we were in heaven. We talk to the owner DJ, he tells us how his parents started the restaurant. “It was my moms passion, she loved to create foods from the fresh crab they caught.” Sitting at the outdoor tables DJ tells us the sad story of last year when his parents were crabbing, there was a bad sudden storm, and they both lost their lives as the family boat went to the bottom of the sea. We all are tearing up as DJ tells us of his determination to carry on the restaurant and his moms “love of cooking.” An inspiring young man none of us will ever forget.


It wasn’t warm enough to get in the ocean but we did enjoy driving down the beach. We watch as people play on the large sand dunes in jeeps and off road vehicles. 

We jump in the car drive up the PCH to Heceta Lighthouse an amazing sight high up on a hill. We walk 3/4 mile up a hill, and come to the light-keepers house, which is now a bed and breakfast, and a gift shop. 

As we continue our walk up the hill through the beautiful tree lined path we reach the top, the spectacular view of the lighthouse is breathtaking. We sit on a bench looking down, watching the waves crash against the massive rocks that protrude out of the ocean, sitting quietly taking it all in. There are no words for the beauty of nature in this spot. 


The finale, a magnificent sunset. It is moments like this that you just can’t describe. We encourage you to experience this amazing view for yourself. 

South Beach, Oregon

The next day as we head further up the PCH and turn off into Whaler’s Rest Resort a Thousand Trails property. As the name suggest you can go Whale Watching.

Our kids and grandkids joined us, from Bend Oregon, adding 4 more to our party.  We take a 2 minute walk to the beach, while it is not warm enough for most of us to get in the water, Grandpa Dan takes the kids in and they all have a blast.

There is so much to do in and around the town for people of all ages. We take a ride into Newport Bay, walk on the dock, check out the sea lions, fish markets and of course stop for ice cream.

We are all having a great time. Cooking out and watching the stars at night. Due to the fires in the area we aren’t able to have a fire pit but we still make s’mores in the cast iron pot on the barbecue grill. 

Spending time with the grandkids is great and one of our main “why’s” but it’s time to pack up and head out.

Pacific City, Oregon

Heading further north on the PCH, more beautiful scenery we just can’t get enough of.  Our next stop Pacific City RV and Camping Resort , we get the RV set up quickly and are off to explore, (because it’s what we do).

“Pacific City has been known for over a hundred years as a quaint fishing village and vacation destination located in a very unique and special geographical and geological area.  Rarely does one see a large river (The Big Nestucca) so close to the ocean shoreline merging with another large river (The Little Nestucca) creating an estuary and habitat for so many of natures species.” 


Watching  sunsets is one of our favorite things to do and there is no better place than sitting on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. We pack dinner, chairs, cameras and set up on the beach for a sunset that was spectacular.


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Spending time relaxing, sunning and dipping our toes in the water is what we enjoy and we’re told the surfing is amazing especially after a storm.

We take our electric bikes and ride around the campground and there are biking, hiking and walking trails throughout this area.

The weather isn’t so great so we take a trip to Tillamook Cheese Factory it is a great tour showing just how they make the cheese.

In the morning as we make our cappuccino, sitting outside the conversation is about the beauty that lies around every turn of our PCH trip. We pack up and head further north.

Seaside, Oregon

The drive is only about 90 miles but in Explorer One (our 40 foot RV) it takes us a little over 2 hours, which is great as we have more time to take in the spectacular views.

As we drive through the town of Seaside to get to Seaside RV Resort, the town is very quit as the season hasn’t started yet. Another few months and it will be a bustling beach town with many visitors enjoying surf breaks and a the 1920’s promenade.

The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)

The PCH through Oregon is 363 breathtaking miles with some of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen. It took 8 days and we stayed in 4 beach towns. The website says you could probably do the drive in 8 hours but after our trip we recommend you stop and smell the “ocean”, watch the waves, enjoy the journey ….

Our visit to 4 beach towns on the Oregon Coast is complete it has been an amazing adventure. Enjoying sights, sunsets, food, shops, lighthouses, grandkids and so much more. 

As we say good bye to you and the incredible beaches, we would like to leave you with this thought. The PCH is a sight to see. Whether it’s the PCH or the park in your neighborhood get out and explore! You will be glad you did.

We have since been to the Seattle RV Show and the Hershey RV Show were we gave seminars on RV Trip Planning and enjoying the journey. In the beginning of 2023 we will be at the Tampa RV Show.  If you have never been to an RV show it is a great experience, you will meet a lot of great people. vendors, and learn a lot. Maybe you saw us there, but if you missed us we will be speaking around the country and on our Youtube Channel. If you ever see us out and about come say hi, we love to meet people in our community and hear your story.

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