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RV Trip Planning

RV Trip Planning

Fun or Frustrating ?

Rv Trip Planning

A RV adventure usually starts with rv trip planning. Maybe your plan is to not have a plan and fly by the seat of your pants… but it’s much easier when you have a trip rv trip planning tool.

Life has obstacles.

the RV Life has obstacles too…

The bridge that won’t carry the weight of your rig, the tunnel that is too low, the road that is too narrow and curvy for your length, the road that doesn’t allow you to carry propane. 

Our Goals Are Simple

Travel Safely to the destination and enjoy the journey along the way.

rv trip We (Dan and Patti) know planning can take time so we make sure we won’t be interrupted and make this fun. We have snacks and drinks get comfy and settle in and let the planning begin.

To start we look at the end destination. We sometimes travel for a speaking/content creating event, as well as fun, family, and adventure.  

Knowing the final destination we decide how long we want to take to get there, how many days will we stay in each destination.

RV Trip planning

We enjoying the journey not just  the destination. Our believe of being in the moment, in the here and now, living life fully every day. We make travel day part of our journey and honestly have had some of the best experiences on the way to our destination. 

rv trip planning

After trying a number of tools we chose RV Trip Wizard, the rv trip planning software that is a RV Safe GPS, and the Campground Reviews just some of the tools of RV Life Pro, that are integrated together. This is the suite of tools that we have been using for over a year and we love it!

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Watch how we do it! In Real Time

To be honest travel days can be more work with RV checks, securing everything inside, there is more to think about, such as weather, traffic, food, bathroom breaks etc. For some they don’t like travel days, we decided from the beginning to make it part of the adventure. We have found some simple things that make travel days easier and RV Trip Planning simple.

We have a favorite snack and of course some chocolate (that’s our thing, decide what you like), we have books to listen to and our favorite music, talk, or just have quiet time taking in the scenery. 

Some of our best adventures are the ones we found along the way. 

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