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The Myth About E Bikes… Incredible!

Can I really just pedal my E bike? 

YES, YES you can. Our SYKL Power Bike actually have a button right on the handle bar that you can turn the power assist off, making our bikes just plain old ordinary bikes.

The number one comment that Patti and I get about E bikes is:


“ I don't like e bikes because I won't get exercise"

e bikes

Well, I am here to tell you that is just not true. Even if you’re using the power assist you are still peddling. Let me give you an example, in October, Patti and I attended the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. We stayed with some friends who lived about 5 miles away from the field. Each morning at 4 AM Patti and I rode our E bikes down the hill to the balloon fiesta, at 1 PM we rode our bikes back up the hill, yes we used the power assist. We also took a nap and got something to eat. At 4 PM  we went back to the balloon fiesta for the evening session and then rode our bikes home after the fireworks somewhere around 9 PM. I have to say by the fourth day Patti and I could both feel the effect of riding the bike that much.

In our experience you can definitely get exercise even with an E bike.  You have to pedal when you have e bike. Is it the same as riding a normal bike or mountain bike? Honestly, probably not, having that power assist is so nice when you are going up a big hill or you just can’t pedal anymore.

Over the last 10 years Patti and I have had several regular bicycles and over those 10 years we have probably ridden a combined 25 miles and that’s being generous. We got our brand new SYKL Power Bikes see video in September 2021 and my speedometer currently reads 150 miles and that’s in just three months. 

I ask you now to draw your own conclusion:

  1. 10 years riding about 25 miles total.
  2. Three months over 150 miles and going up every day.

Our E bikes not only provide us with cardio exercise, they have opened up a new activity that Patti and I can do as a couple.

So to all the naysayers out there that have told us E bikes make you lazy, I ask you now to just look at it from a different angle.


Have a great rest of today!… And an even better day tomorrow!


Dan & Patti Hunt will be featured speakers at the Seattle RV Show February 17-20, 2022 and will be giving a seminar on E bikes at 4 PM each day of the show. For more information about the Seattle RV Show click here.

Enjoy The Journey




About Dan and Patti Hunt 


They are that couple that does everything together; shopping, cleaning, working, enjoying life and everything in-between. Working together can be challenging at times but if you have ever seen them on stage or in a video you would see the magic they create. The Hunt’s sold everything (except the computers and camera equipment), bought an RV and hit the road, living the dream of seeing America. With their Travel Lifestyle they look forward to brining you along for the ride through the unique YouTube Channel Exploring Through Our Lens


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