RV Memberships… Are They A Black Hole for Money?

RV Memberships… Are They A Black Hole for Money?

The answer yes, no, maybe… it really depends. The intent of this article is to help you decide what, if any RV memberships, are right for you. How do you know what’s right for you? Research, Research, Research. RV Memberships are like choosing your rig. Some of us like a Class A with one bedroom […]

RV Trip Planning

RV Trip Planning Fun or Frustrating ? A RV adventure usually starts with planning. Maybe your plan is to not have a plan and fly by the seat of your pants… but it’s much easier when you have a trip planning tool. Life has obstacles. the RV Life has obstacles too… The bridge that won’t […]

Instant Pot VS Ninja Foodi For RVers

Whether you live on the road in an RV or you have a full kitchen, having
a piece of equipment that can do everything from slow cook to cook a
frozen chicken in less than an hour is a must have.

Enjoy the Journey Not Just the Destination…

There is no right or wrong when it comes to how you plan, it is just a matter of what feels comfortable for you. While traveling we have spoken with many RVers and asked how they plan their trips. One couple we met had the whole year planned out. They traveled every Sunday driving from one destination to the next without stopping. Were they enjoying the journey or just getting to the destination? I don’t know. A single gentleman we spoke with said he doesn’t do any real planning he just goes where he wants when he wants. Dan and I do make some plans but we really like to wing it most of the time, has allowed us to see and do things we didn’t plan for.

The Myth About E Bikes

Can I really just pedal my E bike?  YES, YES you can. Our SYKL Power Bike actually have a button right on the handle bar that you can turn the power assist off, making our bikes just plain old ordinary bikes. The number one comment that Patti and I get about E bikes is:   […]